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TSU's College of Archaeology & Biblical History (TSU-CABH) has been a leader in the discipline and practice of biblical archaeology for nearly two decades. From its active participation in numerous archaeological excavations to its widely acclaimed International Symposia on Archaeology & the Bible, TSU-CABH is an exhilarating pathway into the exciting world of archaeological discovery. TSU-CABH offers both Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in Archaeology and Biblical History. Undergraduate majors are available for qualifying students.

Hands-on experience is the emphasis of each TSU-CABH degree program. Whether you're a graduate or doctoral student, you'll take advantage of our exploration and excavation programs that present not only opportunities for mastering the skill-sets necessary for competency in the field, but also avenues to academic and professional publication. TSU's world-class museum collections are also available for hands-on instruction, facilitating your mastery of period artifact assemblages, including ancient pottery. Through the TSU-CABH Research Lab, you'll also have opportunities to participate in the analysis of artifacts and samples from our ongoing excavations.

Study tours to the Near East, led by scholars who possess intimate knowledge of the history, geography, and archaeology of the Bible lands, are an exciting feature of TSU-CABH programs. Additionally, through our International Symposia, our students are able to learn from, and interact with, many of the world's leading scholars in biblical archaeology and related disciplines. Recent visiting scholars include Charles Aling, Rami Arav, Amnon Ben-Tor, Mark Chavalas, John Currid, Steven Collins, William Dever, William Fulco, James Hoffmeier, Charles Krahmalkov, Jodi Magness, David Maltsberger, Amihai Mazar, Eric Meyers, Carol Meyers, Randall Price,  Leen Ritmeyer, Lawrence Stager, Jim Strange, James Tabor, Bryant Wood, and many others. You'll receive course or modular credit for these and other experiences offered by TSU-CABH.

The historical accuracy and authenticity of the biblical record is demonstrated by TSU-CABH degree programs in a manner consistent with the application of rigorous scientific methodologies. This involves more than attending lectures and fulfilling course assignments. It requires a continuous commitment to research, exploration, and excavation. That's why TSU-CABH has kept its focus on research and field work, with faculty and students involved in projects like the excavations at Bethsaida, Hazor, Kursi, Khirbet el-Maqatir, and the Qumran Plateau in Israel, and the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project (TeHEP) in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. TSU-CABH Dean, Dr. Steven Collins, serves as Director and Senior Field Archaeologist for TeHEP, which is now entering its sixth season of excavation.

Unlike many programs claiming to teach biblical archaeology, TSU-CABH is actively involved in researching and demonstrating the cause-and-effect relationships that exist between the history of the ancient Near East and biblical history. While we recognize that comparative cultural and literary studies are important for viewing the Bible in its ancient context, we also realize that rational, rigorous research can reveal (and does!) direct historical synchronisms and organic connections between the Bible and the histories of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Anatolia, and the Levant.

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       TSU Ph.D. student, Carroll Kobs, excavating in Field UA.

Tall el-Hammam, Area U, Field B, looking
west over the Jordan Valley; 2008 Season.

Senior Archaeologist, Gary Byers, and TeHEP Director,
Dr. Steven Collins, discuss a find; 2008 Season.

TSU grad student, Chuck Scott, pauses for a rest
during the 2008 Season at Tall el-Hammam.

Tall el-Hammam, Area U, Field D; the Iron Age II
city wall (stone) built over the Middle Bronze Age
 defensive rampart system (mudbrick).

Doctoral student, Barry King, examines a
"float" sample slide at high power in the TSU
Archaeology Research Lab (ARC).

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